Is Les Miserables on Netflix in 2023? How to Watch Easily

As of today, the international hit musical, Les Miserables is now available to stream on Netflix in the US. Here’s everything you need to know. 

Directed by Tom Hooper, Les Miserables is an epic period musical film based on Victor Hugo’s 1862 French novel. The three-time Oscar winner tells an enthralling story of love, and passion set against the backdrop of 19th-century France.

The film features an ensemble cast led by Russel Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, Eddie Redmayne, Helena Bohman Carter, Amanda Seyfried, and Sacha Baron Cohen.

Is Les Miserables available on Netflix?

Yes, Les Miserables is available on Netflix. However, you can only watch the movie if you are living in the US or South Korea. Due to streaming licensing, it is not available anywhere else on the platform.

If you search for the movie on Netflix in the UK, Australia, Canada, France, and other countries, the results will not show up in the results. Instead, you will be given similar movie recommendations.

Worry not, as all you need is a VPN to watch the movie from anywhere on Netflix regardless of your location.

How to Watch Les Miserables on Netflix From Anywhere

Here’s how you can watch Les Miserables on Netflix from anywhere:

  1. Get a reliable VPN for Netflix like ExpressVPN that is very cheap (30-day money-back guarantee). 
  2. Download it on your device. 
  3. Login and select a US server from the list. 
  4. Click the ‘Connect’ button. 
  5. With an American IP address, visit Netflix. 
  6. Search for the movie and enjoy!

Is Les Miserables on Netflix

Les Miserables Netflix countries 

Due to geographical restrictions, you will only be able to watch the movie on Netflix in the US and South Korea, as Les Miserables is not available on the platform anywhere else.

Why you need a VPN to watch Les Miserables on Netflix from anywhere

You can only watch Les Miserables on Netflix if you are in the US or South Korea. The movie is not available anywhere else, which is why you need a VPN. 

Due to licensing regulations and streaming rights, Netflix is only offering to show Les Miserables on American Netflix and South Korea. It is missing from libraries in other countries like Canada, UK, Australia, France, etc. 

To unblock the movie from your location, all you need is a VPN app that offers servers in the US.

If you already have a Netflix subscription, you can just connect to a VPN server located in the US. It will hide your true IP address and give you a new American IP address. 

When you visit Netflix, the platform will be tricked into thinking you are residing in the US, and give you unrestricted access to the American content library where the movie is available to watch. 

What’s great about VPNs is that they can give you access to any regional content library you want. If you want to watch UK Netflix, you can connect to a UK server, and more. 

This way you can watch Iron Man on Netflix, Parasite on Netflix, Yellowstone on Netflix, and much much more from anywhere in the world. 

What is Les Miserables about?

Les Miserables is a classic musical film that takes place in the early 19th century in France. It tells the story of Jean Valjean, who is hunted by a ruthless policeman Javert, after breaking parole.

After years, Valjean is a factory owner and the mayor of Montreuil, Pas de Calais. He promises to take care of Cosette, the daughter of a factory worker. Javert, the policeman, now the new chief of police arrives in town and recognizes Valjean, planning to arrest him.

Valjean again tricks Javert and flees to Paris where after nine years has become a philanthropist. But how long can he hide from the ruthless pursuit of Javert?

Les Miserables (2012) Trailer 

You can the trailer of Les Miserables here:

Les Miserables Cast 

Here is the cast of Les Miserables:

  • Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean
  • Russell Crowe as Javert
  • Amanda Seyfried as Cosette
  • Anne Hathaway as Fantine
  • Eddie Redmayne as Marius Pontmercy
  • Samantha Barks as Eponine
  • Helena Bohman Carter as Thenardiers
  • Sacha Baron Cohen as Thenardiers
  • Aaron Tveit as Enjolras
  • Daniel Huttlestone as Gavroche

Is Les Miserables worth watching?

Les Miserables has a rating of 7.5 on IMDB and has won several Oscars in the categories of best performance by an actress, best sound mixing, and makeup and hairstyling.

If you are a fan of old-fashioned period dramas, then this movie is for you. Les Miserables does not have one plot or a story. It’s a series of peak moments, followed by no pauses, and plot twists one after another. The tear-jerking romance musical is worth the watch.

Having issues streaming? Try these…

If you are using a VPN, and still cannot access Les Miserables on your Netflix, chances are Netflix can see your real IP address and geolocation. Or maybe the IP address given to you by your VPN is blocked by Netflix. 

Nonetheless, here are a few things to try to fix the issue:

  1. Disconnect from the VPN and reconnect to get a new IP address. Your old IP address might be blocked by Netflix.
  2. Close the Netflix app or website because it might have detected your VPN use. Refresh the page, or relaunch the app and try streaming again.
  3. If you are still unable to watch Aquaman, you can contact customer support of the VPN service and they will guide you in picking the server that works with Netflix.


Where can I watch the original Les Miserables?

You can watch Les Miserables on Netflix, Vudu, Prime Video, Apple Store, or Redbox.

Is the movie Les Miserables based on a true story?

Les Miserables is inspired by the true story of Eugene-Francois Vidocq, who turned his criminal life into building an anti-crime industry. Though he was continuously pursued by the police, he created the world’s first detective agency.

Is Les Miserables on Netflix UK?

No, Les Miserables is not available on Netflix UK. You can watch the movie on US Netflix and South Korea.

What musicals are on Netflix?

From movie musicals to concert films, here are the best musicals on Netflix to keep you entertained:

  • Sing On!
  • My Fair Lady
  • A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish
  • A Week Away
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
  • Country Comfort
  • Hamilton
  • The Phantom of the Opera
  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street


The hit musical, Les Miserables is now available to watch on Netflix. However, you can only watch it in the US and South Korea. Due to content restrictions and geo-blocking, the movie is not available on the platform anywhere else.

To watch the movie on Netflix from anywhere all you need is a working VPN. A VPN will help you switch your Netflix region by changing your IP address.

Grab a VPN, connect to a US-based server, unblock American Netflix, and enjoy streaming Les Miserables from anywhere. I dare you not to hum along!

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