Is The Big Short on Netflix? | Watch the Movie From Anywhere

Fans of Wolf of Wall Street and Vice will certainly enjoy The Big Short. The film is based on the true events of the 2007-2008 financial crisis in the US as a group of investors try to survive. The film won an Oscar for the best-adapted screenplay. 

If you want to watch the movie and are wondering, is The Big Short available on Netflix? Then you are at the right place. 

Let’s see where you can find the movie and how to watch it. 

Is The Big Short on Netflix?

Yes, The Big Short is available on Netflix. 

However, there is a catch. You can only watch the movie on Netflix in UK and Canada. It is missing from the libraries of Australia, the US, France, etc. 

Due to streaming rights, only a few countries get access to the movie. But no worries as with the help of a simple VPN app, you can watch The Big Short from anywhere in the world. 

How to Watch The Big Short on Netflix Anywhere

Here’s how to watch The Big Short on Netflix from anywhere in the world:

  1. Get a reliable VPN for Netflix like ExpressVPN.
  2. Download it on your device. 
  3. Login and select a UK server from the list. 
  4. Click the ‘Connect’ button. 
  5. With a British IP address, visit Netflix. 
  6. Search for the movie and enjoy!


The Big Short Netflix Countries

The Big Short movie is only available on Netflix in the United Kingdom, and Canada. Apart from these countries, it is not available to watch on the platform anywhere else. 

Why is The Big Short not on Netflix in my country?

The Big Short is not available on Netflix in all countries because of licensing agreements and restrictions. Netflix has agreements with movie producers and can only offer to show them where rights are acquired. 

For now, the streaming giant only has rights for The Big Short in the UK, and Canada. Aside from that, fans will not be able to find the movie in their libraries. 

It does sound unfair, but with a simple VPN app, you can take care of this problem. As shown above, using a VPN, you can connect to a server that is located in another country and change the region of your Netflix. 

A VPN also hides your IP address and makes it appear as if you are located in another region. To watch the movie, when you connect to a UK server, you will be allowed to access the UK library.

With a VPN at your side, you can unblock any show you want on Netflix or other streaming sites. 

What other movies can you watch on Netflix with a VPN?

Here are some other movies you can watch today:

The Big Short (2015) Trailer 

The Big Short is a biographical comedy movie based on Michael Lewis’s book called The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday. It tells the story of several professionals as they live through the 2007-2008 financial crisis in the United States. 

The movie is so well directed with an amazing cast that you will find yourself grasped in it. The movie is rated 7.8 on IMDB and has also won an Oscar.

The cast of The Big Short 

Here is the cast of movie:

  • Christain Bale as Michael Burry 
  • Brad Pitt as Ben Rickert 
  • Steve Carell as Mark Baum 
  • Ryan Gosling as Jared Vennett 
  •  Casey Groves as Fund Manager 
  • Rudy Eisenzopf as Lewis Ranieri 
  • Hunter Burke as Analyst

What to do if you cannot find the movie on Netflix with VPN?

If you are using a VPN and still cannot find the movie on Netflix, maybe it can detect your real IP address and location. Don’t worry, there could be a lot of reasons behind it and plenty of things you can do to fix the problem. 

  • Close the Netflix app or website because your VPN use might have been detected. Refresh the page, and try streaming again. 
  • Disconnect from the VPN and reconnect to another server to get a fresh IP address. 
  • If you are using your browser, make sure to clear cookies and cache because they store information regarding your location.
  • If that doesn’t work, you can contact customer support of the VPN service, and ask them for servers that are currently working with Netflix.


Is The Big Short a true story?

The Big Short movie is based on a nonfiction book by author Michael Lewis. It tells the story of the real lives of various financial professionals in the 2000s against the backdrop of the rising and fall of the real estate market at the time. 

Is The Big Short on Netflix or Hulu?

Currently, the financial movie The Big Short is available on Netflix but only in a few regions which do not include the US, Canada, etc. You will not be able to find the movie on Hulu or HBO Max. 

Which country is The Big Short on Netflix?

For now, The Big Short is only available in the UK, and Canada. If you live elsewhere, you will need to use a VPN app to unblock the movie on Netflix. 

Is The Big Short on Netflix US?

Unfortunately, the movie is not accessible on Netflix US. You can watch it on Netflix in other countries like the UK, and Canada.


The Big Short is one popular biographical movie with a stellar cast of well-known celebrities in Hollywood. Sadly, due to streaming rights, the movie is not available on Netflix everywhere and is restricted to the UK. 

To watch the movie on the streaming service from abroad, you will need the help of a VPN to change your region and unblock content online.

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