Is Pulp Fiction on Netflix? How to Watch From Any Country

It has been more than 28 years and Pulp Fiction still has a cult following, and the demand for the movie is ever-growing. It’s no wonder you are looking for the movie on Netflix.

Pulp Fiction is a classic American black comedy crime movie directed by Quentin Tarantino. The movie stars some popular celebrities such as John Travolta, Bruce Willis, Uma Thurman, and Samuel L. Jackson.

In addition to being a major critical success, Pulp Fiction is known for its memorable scenes and dialogues. Here’s everything you need to know about how to watch Pulp Fiction on Netflix from anywhere.

Is Pulp Fiction on Netflix?

Yes, Pulp Fiction is available to watch on Netflix, but only in Canada. If you are in the US, UK, or any other country, you will not be able to find the movie in your library.

Due to streaming rights, Netflix is only streaming Pulp Fiction in Canada. But don’t worry, you can easily watch the movie from anywhere using a VPN. Below are the steps to unblock the movie using a VPN, and stream it regardless of your location.

How to watch Pulp Fiction on Netflix from anywhere 

Here’s how to watch Pulp Fiction on Netflix from anywhere:

  1. Get a reliable VPN for Netflix like ExpressVPN that unblocks 20+ Netflix libraries and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. 
  2. Download it on your device. 
  3. Log in and connect to a server in Canada.   
  4. With your new IP address, visit Netflix and enjoy streaming the classic film from anywhere.


Pulp Fiction Netflix countries

If you are wondering in which country is Pulp Fiction on Netflix, then, unfortunately, the movie is only available to stream on Netflix in Canada. Apart from Canada, you will not be able to find it anywhere else on the platform.

Why do you need a VPN to watch Pulp Fiction on Netflix from any country

As of right now, you can only watch Pulp Fiction on Netflix in Canada. So, if you are living elsewhere, you will need to use a VPN to watch the movie.

Due to licensing and copyright agreements, Netflix deploys geo-blocking mechanisms that prevent users from accessing content that is not licensed for streaming in their country. This is the reason some movies are limited to a few regions.

When you visit Netflix, it checks your IP address and gives you content accordingly. When I searched for the movie on Netflix USA library, I could only see related titles.


To watch the movie, all you need is a VPN. A virtual private network reroutes your traffic through a server location and masks your IP address.

When you connect to a server in Canada, your real IP address is changed to a new one from Canada. When you visit Netflix, it unblocks the Canadian library where the movie is available to watch.

What other movies can you watch on Netflix with a VPN?

Here are some other movies you can watch on Netflix with a VPN:

On what devices can you stream Pulp Fiction on Netflix using a VPN

With a VPN, you can watch any movie or show you want on Netflix on your TV screens, laptops, tablets, and other devices like:

  • Apple TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Android smartphones, tablets, TV
  • Amazon FireStick
  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • iPhone/ iPad 
  • PlayStation
  • Roku
  • Xbox
  • Google Chromecast

What to do if you still cannot find the movie on Netflix with VPN?

If you are using a VPN and still cannot find the movie on Netflix, chances are that it can detect your true location. Don’t worry, there could be a lot of reasons behind it and plenty of things you can do to fix the problem. 

  • Close the Netflix app or website because your VPN use might have been detected. Refresh the page, and try streaming again. 
  • Disconnect from the VPN and reconnect to another server to get a fresh IP address. 
  • If you are using your browser, clear cookies and cache because they store information regarding your location.
  • If that doesn’t work, contact customer support of the VPN service, and ask them for servers that are currently working with Netflix.

What is Pulp Fiction about?

Pulp Fiction storyline is interwoven as it follows three stories of the protagonist: Vincent Vaga who’s a hitman, his business partner, Jules Winnfield, and Butch Coolidge, a fighter. In short, it’s a collection of stories, all of which include a valuable stolen briefcase.

The movie is action-packed with violent scenes and is fun to watch. It is probably the most rewatchable movie of all time considering the character development, and how the story goes along.

Pulp Fiction (1994) Trailer

Pulp Fiction Cast

  • John Travolta as Vincent Vega
  • Samuel L Jackson as Jules Winnfield
  • Harvey Keitel as Winston Wolfe
  • Bruce Willis as Butch Coolidge
  • Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace
  • Ving Rhames as Marsellus Wallace
  • Tim Roth as Ringo
  • Amanda Plummer as Yolanda
  • Eric Stoltz as Lance
  • Rosanna Arquetta as Jody

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Netflix remove Pulp Fiction?

Pulp Fiction was streaming on Netflix until recently, but it was removed from most regions like the US due to copyrights.

Is Pulp Fiction free on Amazon Prime?

No, Pulp Fiction is not streaming for free on Amazon Prime, but you can rent or purchase the movie to stream.

Is Pulp Fiction streaming anywhere?

You can able to watch Pulp Fiction on Netflix (only in Canada), or by renting or purchasing it on Google Play, Vudu, and iTunes.

Is Pulp Fiction on Netflix anywhere?

Sadly, the movie is not currently available on Netflix, Hulu, or Prime Video in the US. Pulp Fiction can be found on Netflix (in Australia, UK) and the Starz streaming service. 

Final Words

Now you know where to watch Pulp Fiction on Netflix. The movie is currently only available to stream in Canada. So, if you have an active Netflix account, subscribe to a VPN, change your Netflix region and unblock the movie today.

Connect to a server in Canada, search for the title on Netflix and enjoy streaming the classic action-thriller movie from the comfort of your home.

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